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Types of Woolsey Fire Damages

“Each Woolsey Fire case is unique, and will be evaluated as such. We do not believe in or promote the ‘class-action model.’ We litigate each and every case for our clients. You will receive individualized care, attention, and resolution.”

– Elliot Adler, Esq.

Property Claims

Insured and Uninsured Property Losses

Real property damages in the Woolsey Fire are recoverable where a utility company is liable for Inverse Condemnation or Negligence. The value of the damages must be invested in and handled with experience. Real property damage claims can be all-encompassing, meaning all those damages that occur at the time of the fire, and thereafter. Often, we find consequential erosion damages, due to the loss of vegetation that would otherwise allow the soil to retain moisture.

Utility companies routinely attack the level of expertise and care put into someone’s case. The more streamlined the lawyer’s approach, the less damages recoverable to the client. This can be problematic for clients who are among thousands within a lawyer group.

Consequently, it is critical to properly evaluate each property, and obtain expert analysis that takes into consideration the unique aspects of your property. We routinely work with some of the best experts in their respective fields.

Concerning personal property, a fire survivor may find themselves lost, or overwhelmed, with the amount of work it takes to create an inventory of what they owned, with values. We excel in helping our clients create the inventories, and obtain maximum value for their losses.

Insurance coverage is relevant in that typically an insurance company will demand the negligent utility company reimburse them for the amounts paid to you. This is called Subrogation. In the Woolsey Fire, insured damages are believed to exceed 1 billion dollars. In our experience, there is usually a gap with real and personal property damages and the insurance coverage available, and that gap is recoverable to you from the utility company, along with any other damages you sustained. We usually see this occur within the context of personal property and tree/vegetation damages.

Renter Claims

Insured and Uninsured

In our experience, we often find renters believing they are without options. That is absolutely not the case. First and foremost, if you own personal property, you are legally entitled to recover for it. You may also recover any damages associated with your evacuation or fear and anxiety experienced during your evacuation, and any costs incurred at the time of the fire and thereafter. We enjoy litigating renter cases because we often find this being a very vulnerable class of people and it is our pleasure to help them recover.

Mental Anguish

Loss of Enjoyment, and Fear, Stress, and Anxiety Dealing With the Fire’s Aftermath

Fire litigation is a unique and specialized area of practice. The law has developed to allow property owners the ability to recover for the loss of quiet enjoyment and mental anguish associated with the destruction of real property. We excel in understanding what made your property unique, why you purchased it, and what made it special for you. Capturing that loss is not easy, and conveying it requires investing in the clients’ personal situations. We enjoy doing so.

Additionally, the law allows for the recovery for purely emotional distress associated with fearing for one’s life, or that of a family member, at the time of the fire. Scores of people were placed in harms way in the Woolsey Fire, and tragically, many lost their lives in these fires. We take our time and invest in understanding our clients, and we demand accountability from the utility.

Business Claims

Small Business and Corporate Entities

Businesses were destroyed in the Woolsey Fire. The losses are immediate and can be lingering. We are uniquely situated to competently bring business cases and have done so many times. We have a background in business litigation, which becomes relevant when examining losses. In our experience, we’ve represented non-profits, minor operations, and multi-million dollar corporate entities. If you are looking for experienced Woolsey Fire Lawsuit Lawyers, please contact us today.